Future of Esports in India – 2021 and Beyond

Future of Esports in India - 2021 and beyond

Introduction to Esports in India Not a lot of industries have had the privilege to observe things run smooth for them on the financial front in the last 14 months. Especially, the sports industry, where losses have been immaculately huge. But there has still been a part, that has seen light in these times. The … Read more

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Taking Up Sports Management

Ask yourself these things before taking up sports management

When you ask most Engineers or MBAs who are not really happy with their work lives, what they would like to do instead, a considerable lot will answer something somehow related to sports. People feel very secure to go back to an atmosphere they recollect from childhood, sport is one such constituent of that atmosphere, … Read more

What is Sports Sponsorship? Career, Scope, Education, Importance

Sponsorship in sports - career, scope, education

Sponsorships form a major chunk of revenue for sports clubs and teams. Today, Sports Sponsorship is more than just a brand paying a sports team money to display their logo on the team clothing. In this blog we talk about what is sports sponsorship, career in sports sponsorship, skills and education required and a how … Read more

Premier Handball League – A league that almost happened in 2020

Handball India

Premier Handball League (PHL), is a professional men’s handball league in India.The league is an initiative between the Handball Federation of India and Sportz & Live Entertainment Private Limited, which also holds the long-term rights for Badminton, Boxing and Cue leagues. The league was earlier scheduled to be held at the Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium … Read more

How To Make A Career in Sports Marketing

Marketing is everywhere. But today, we cover a wonderful concept of sports marketing and how you can make a career as a sports marketer. If you are interested in marketing and want to combine it with your passion for sports, read the entire article. We cover various concepts regarding to sports marketing in this article. … Read more

How does your favourite IPL Team Make Money

You might have read in the news that the Indian Premier League is the cash cow of the BCCI. You might also wonder how can the franchises pay such a big sum of money to the players? How does the IPL Team make money? Today, Explore Sports Management takes you through a short article on … Read more

How you can become a cricket umpire

Become a cricket umpire

Explore Sports Management had an opportunity to catch up with Mr Sriharsha Kuchimanchi and discuss how one can become a cricket umpire. Umpires in cricket are responsible for maintaining fair play on the ground. They take decisions as per the laws of the game. If you are really passionate about cricket and have a deep … Read more

Sports Management Colleges in India

Sports Management Colleges in India

Sports Management is definitely on the verge of topping the educational trends in India with more and more institutes endorsing the field as their own. While it is well established abroad, in India however, it is still at a developing stage but the growth has been rapid. Owing to the increasing demand, many sports management … Read more

Sports Marketing & Digital Media in Football

Sports marketing & Digital Media IPL ISL Sports Marketing Digital marketing sports

We are all living in the digital era where we are online almost 24/7. Going digital has revolutionized the way sports brands and teams interact with fans. Fans are getting more personal touch, they feel closer to the teams/players and overall part of a team’s success.  On the other hand, the sports brands and clubs … Read more