Football Manager: Books To Read

Reading is one practice you don’t want to lose the knack of, sports is another. Fortunately for us sports management buffs, these two come together as very important teachers to learn from. With FC Bayern Munich’s historic 8-2 win over FC Barcelona or Club Lyon’s simple escape against Juventus, one can understand that it may … Read more

What you need to know about two segments in the sports travel industry

segments in sports travel industry

ESM in conversation with Mr Mehul Nandu talks about the various segments of the travel industry and the various opportunities in the sports tourism sector from the perspective of an entrepreneur. A brief intro about Mr Mehul Nandu: Mr Mehul Nandu is the founder of World Sports Travel. He started playing Cricket during School days … Read more

Everything you need to know about Sports Operations

Sports Operations Career Sports Management

Sports operations professionals oversee all the vital elements of a sports event. Primarily the job of such dynamic individuals is to successfully execute a sports event which includes planning, promoting, execution, and broadcasting of the event. They are extremely organized and active individuals. They need to coordinate with all departments and also require certain soft … Read more

AIFF Master’s Programme set in motion by President Patel through virtual session

AIFF Master's Programme kicks off virtually

The president of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Praful Patel inaugurated the proceedings for the first batch of the AIFF Master’s Programme through the virtual session. Others who attended the meeting were senior vice president Subrata Datta, AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das along with the HODs. Enrique Perez, Corporate and Business Director, Cadiz CF, … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Sports Tourism

Everything you need to know about Sports Tourism

Sports Tourism has turned out to be an exciting venture to work amongst in the sports industry. People passionately want to travel thousands of miles to watch their favourite players do their thing on the field, and the number of this target audience is growing enormously.  Today at ESM, we bring you a closer look … Read more

22 Biggest Sports Management Companies in India

Sports Management Company India

Sports Management in India is already a multi-billion dollar industry and with the ever-increasing corporate investment, media rights, international athletes and the number of leagues running, there is a need for efficient Sports Management Companies and sports management professionals to ensure the smooth functioning of the sports industry in India. We have compiled a list … Read more

5 Myths about Sports Management

5 Common Myths about Sports Management

Myths are widely held false beliefs or ideas about certain concepts. These pre-conceived notions exist everywhere no matter how obvious the practicality is right from the alma mater of that concept, the very root.  When this practice enters a commercial atmosphere, it creates a significant impact on the in and out of all functioning. Please … Read more