First-ever wheelchair test cricket match organised in India

wheelchair test cricket match

Many of us do not even know about Wheelchair cricket in India and the laurels it has brought for the country. Wheelchair cricket is being played for a decade in India and our athletes have made us proud on several occasions at the international level. Indian cricket body is one of the richest in the … Read more

How these 16 years olds raised 2.7 lakhs for 9 underprivileged athletes across India

Baton of Hope Sports NGO India

Grassroots form a critical aspect in the development of any sport. When the base lacks strength, the structure fumbles. Regardless of how a grassroots system functions, in a country like India there is always going to be countless lot of talented athletes with no financial support to pursue their sport. In this world of commerce, … Read more

How you can become a cricket umpire

Become a cricket umpire

Explore Sports Management had an opportunity to catch up with Mr Sriharsha Kuchimanchi and discuss how one can become a cricket umpire. Umpires in cricket are responsible for maintaining fair play on the ground. They take decisions as per the laws of the game. If you are really passionate about cricket and have a deep … Read more

Sports Marketing & Digital Media in Football

Sports marketing & Digital Media IPL ISL Sports Marketing Digital marketing sports

We are all living in the digital era where we are online almost 24/7. Going digital has revolutionized the way sports brands and teams interact with fans. Fans are getting more personal touch, they feel closer to the teams/players and overall part of a team’s success.  On the other hand, the sports brands and clubs … Read more

Teenage sibling duo on a mission to promote Chess across India

Samvedna Chess India Sports Minister

Chess has always been a pride for each Indian. Over the years, the Indian Chess Community has produced many world-class players. The big revolution came with Viswanathan Anand winning the World Championship title in 2007 and retaining it for 5 years which inspired many upcoming players. Just last week the Indian Chess Team were joint … Read more

What you need to know about two segments in the sports travel industry

segments in sports travel industry

ESM in conversation with Mr Mehul Nandu talks about the various segments of the travel industry and the various opportunities in the sports tourism sector from the perspective of an entrepreneur. A brief intro about Mr Mehul Nandu: Mr Mehul Nandu is the founder of World Sports Travel. He started playing Cricket during School days … Read more

Everything you need to know about Sports Operations

Sports Operations Career Sports Management

Sports operations professionals oversee all the vital elements of a sports event. Primarily the job of such dynamic individuals is to successfully execute a sports event which includes planning, promoting, execution, and broadcasting of the event. They are extremely organized and active individuals. They need to coordinate with all departments and also require certain soft … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Sports Tourism

Everything you need to know about Sports Tourism

Sports Tourism has turned out to be an exciting venture to work amongst in the sports industry. People passionately want to travel thousands of miles to watch their favourite players do their thing on the field, and the number of this target audience is growing enormously.  Today at ESM, we bring you a closer look … Read more