How does your favourite IPL Team Make Money

You might have read in the news that the Indian Premier League is the cash cow of the BCCI. You might also wonder how can the franchises pay such a big sum of money to the players? How does the IPL Team make money? Today, Explore Sports Management takes you through a short article on … Read more

How you can become a cricket umpire

Become a cricket umpire

Explore Sports Management had an opportunity to catch up with Mr Sriharsha Kuchimanchi and discuss how one can become a cricket umpire. Umpires in cricket are responsible for maintaining fair play on the ground. They take decisions as per the laws of the game. If you are really passionate about cricket and have a deep … Read more

Everything you need to know about Sports Operations

Sports Operations Career Sports Management

Sports operations professionals oversee all the vital elements of a sports event. Primarily the job of such dynamic individuals is to successfully execute a sports event which includes planning, promoting, execution, and broadcasting of the event. They are extremely organized and active individuals. They need to coordinate with all departments and also require certain soft … Read more