IPL marketing campaigns: Vodafone – Speed Is Good

During, the 8th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2015, Vodafone came up with a marketing campaign themed ‘Speed Is Good’. The company, already known for its famous Vodafone Zoozoos TVCs, decided to do something different for IPL 2015.

Vodafone’s intention behind the campaign during the IPL

Vodafone wanted to celebrate the speed of their 3G data services, which were declared the fastest in the country by Ookla Speedtest within the tested period of September 2014 to February 2015.

But the British telecom wanted to express the speed with a more human side to their advertisements, and hence created 10 TVCs that were short intriguing stories with sweet endings and Vodafone’s high-speed data connection being the unsung hero in all of them prompting an impulse of joy amongst the audience.

The campaign

Vodafone finally went official with this campaign and launched the first two TVCs named ‘Farewell’ and ‘Haircut’ and booked 350 ad spots for the 6-week long tournament. ‘Farewell’ is about how a girl shares a picture of a retiring professor to a friend and how the message spreads rapidly ensuring all the students gather making a celebrative environment bidding the professor goodbye, while ‘Haircut’ shows the disappointment of a young boy who at the salon gets a haircut he does not end up liking, his mother then shares his picture in the new haircut with him crying to his father, who shows up at home in the exact same hairstyle, cheering the boy up.

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The ads received a heart-warming response but that was not all that Vodafone had planned. To increase its brand engagement, Vodafone came up with #VodafoneSpeedQuiz. They put up interactive questions on their social media platforms where the person to rightly predict in the shortest time span would get to watch an IPL game as a Vodafone SuperFan while the next 20 winners would join the Vodafone FanArmy.

The campaign was a hit with the brand itself tweeting over 550 times throughout the course of the tournament using the hashtag #VodafoneSpeedQuiz generating over 32000 Retweets and 26000 favourites. The hashtag was used approximately 2,50,000 times throughout the IPL.

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