List of Indian athletes who have contributed to battle coronavirus

The coronavirus cases in India, although moderate in the beginning but have been increasing rapidly in the past few weeks (10,000+ cases). Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced 21 days nation-wide lockdown to contain the virus and limit it’s spread. The lockdown has now been extended to the 3rd of May.

With most of the world in lockdown, the world economy has been hit severely and India is no exception. This unfortunate but necessary decision had an ill effect on a lot of Indians. Daily wage earners are facing it difficult to get food, migrants are walking hundreds of kilometres to get back to their village/hometown. The Prime Minister has set up a Relief Fund to combat the dreaded virus and urged his fellow Indians to provide financial aid to help the government in this battle.

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During this turbulent time, the sports fraternity has come forward with many generous donations. Many athletes have donated in the PM’s Relief Fund, while many made private donations to state governments, independent bodies or NGOS’s and some even took responsibilities to feed thousands of underprivileged families in their community. Only in such difficult times, we come to know our true heroes and our sports fraternity has proved what it means to be a ‘Hero’ in true sense. Not only financial help, but the majority of them have been actively spreading awareness about the virus and promoting social distancing through online platforms.

Here is a list of Indian athletes who have contributed to battle coronavirus by making a generous contribution in the PM relief fund and to the state government. There are chances that we have missed out on some athletes who may have stepped forward to help their countrymen.

(Please reach out to us if you know any other sportsperson who have made a significant contribution to fight the coronavirus)

1. Cricket

2. Badminton, Chess, Athletics, Shooting

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3. Sports bodies and other athletes

We all applaud and appreciate their efforts towards the cause and hope world recovers quickly and come back stronger after the pandemic ends.

And of course, we can’t wait to see our favourite sports stars back in action on the field!

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