FC Barcelona to sell naming rights of Camp Nou to raise funds to fight coronavirus

The world is facing a severe crisis due to coronavirus pandemic. More than a million case has been reported and thousands of people have lost their lives. During such turbulent unstable hour, FC Barcelona has made a significant decision to sell the naming rights of Camp Nou. The money raised in the process will be used to fight against the coronavirus.

FC Barcelona to sell naming rights of Camp Nou

“We are very happy to be able to drive forward this initiative that offers something as emblematic as the name of our stadium, so that institutions, organisations, businesses who wise may associate themselves with it and as such, contribute to the fight against COVID-19, given that their investment will be used to finance research projects on the illness and projects that are working to eradicate or lessen its effects. Right now, we can quantify the effects of this health crisis but what we do know is that it will require all our resources to defeat it and for that reason, it is so important that we all together make a solid, firm commitment,” club vice president Jordi Cardoner said.

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This is the first time in 63 years that FC Barcelona will sell the stadium rights. The club has decided to sell the naming rights for the 2020-21 season, for a period of 1-year. They have ceded the title rights of Camp Nou to the clubs charitable foundation which will manage the process. Barca has stepped up to its philosophy of ‘more than a club’ and have honoured their commitment to society.

The Barca foundation will begin the process of finding a sponsor in the next few weeks, who wishes to acquire the naming rights for the period of 1 year. The proceeds from the deal will be invested in the research projects which are being undertaken to fight against the coronavirus.

Previously, FC Barcelona players agreed to a 70 per cent pay cut in their salaries to help pay the salaries of non-sporting staff of the club. The Barca Innovation Hub launched online courses to raise funds to be donated to Barca Foundation that’ll be used to attenuate the health crisis. It is a digital training platform on different sporting themes.

Players like Lionel Messi who has millions of social media followers are actively spreading awareness about the virus and the various safety precaution to be taken to stay safe. Gerad Pique along with other international footballers joined FIFA #BeActive campaign to maintain good physical health during the quarantine period. It is an initiative by FIFA in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) & The World Health Organization (WHO)

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