Five reasons to choose sports management

Sports Management is an exciting line of profession for all the obvious reasons one might think of as a layman. But there are some concrete and certain reasons to choose sports management as a career prospect which are totally worth the effort.

Through this article, we at Explore Sports Management convey the aspects that we admire and find commendable about the industry so that it helps you make a perspective of your own too.

Sit back and relax, there is not going to be any buttering, but real thoughts.

1) Nature of Sports Management :

The concept is such that no matter what field you come from, you can always be needed in the backend of a sport. From human anatomy to business dynamics to content writing, all constitute the force of operations in sports management which is why we call it a much wider concept than what it seems. The nature of this field is such that it becomes that line of work where everyone can contribute.

2) Booming Industry :

According to a thorough report by FICCI, the growth in Sports Jobs is expected to increase by 100% in 2022. Off the 100%, Sports Management itself will expect a growth of 19%. Now here, do not assume sports management to be the umbrella term that we keep talking about, here sports management relates to basic sports management. Other sectors like sports medicine, sports event management, sports manufacturing have their own numbers.

The business of sports has an unexplored scope of growth especially in India where the industry is still in a developing stage.

3) Working With Athletes :

Making sure athletes get to play their game with all the sufficient facilities provided with smooth conduct is the first priority of any sports manager. Sports Management allows you to work with and for the top priority, the big dogs. Usually, in other fields most workers don’t get to work with their company’s big shots, even be it the ambassadors. You might get to see an 18-year-old intern managing the movement of Team UMumba at NSCI for the Pro Kabaddi League, but there are lesser chances of getting to see a 36-year-old manager at an MNC receiving or even getting to say Hello to a guest because that is not a part of their job.

4) Give back to the community :

Athletes have good social and financial status. As a sports manager, you can suggest your client the importance of helping those in need and giving back to the society who showcase immense love for the sportsperson. This way you can create a difference in the society and side by side improve the image of the athlete publicly.

5) Passion for Sports :

Most children grow up enjoying the times where they get to play with their friends. Those moments of joy involve emotions, ecstasy and passion. The passion for those games takes a kid forward. No this is not something that was cast upon them, like school, but something that they chose themselves. Not everyone can become a player that good to make a career out of it, sport can be tough. But to still live with the game and make it a part of their life drives a person to choose sports management as a career.

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